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SEO Search Engine Optimization What would it be if any of your website and the visitors coming to it are not visiting your website, then how can you help SEO in this situation. So SEO is full of what search engine optimization SEO is. Now suppose you develop a website. Now by posting a video on YouTube, you have posted an article of a content block on the website.

Now you will spread it in the world, how the world will run in this entire internet from inside, how someone will come to you to see that video or someone will come to visit you up site. So Vice has three ways. The first way will now be posted on your Facebook wall, you will spam all the WhatsApp groups, brother, watch my video, watch the video, watch my website, watch the website, this is the first way in which you don’t have more than 200 or 500 or more to be met.

The second way is to let him add his ad, such agents come to the section of the ad in Facebook, run your bat or run an ad in Google on any particular keyword or on YouTube. Before your video starts on a big channel, run your pasture so that you get views and have difficulty in it and it will cost a lot of money.

Like you and me, even small data will not be able to work in it. Likes comes the third way and you can write milia soft with unique next and gun one head, that also tells us for free. Suppose you search some things on the Internet, what will you do. You will first go to google dotcom or else the search engine is going to go to yahoo dot com window that they type, now the keyword will be that what you type inside Google’s search bar tells them that As if you have searched free group SMS.

Now it becomes the responsibility of Google to show the list on which website will be there. Now how does Google make the list, then it finds here that this search engine of SEO is how we optimize it so that the website that we have created will come at the top of those results so that if someone searches a particular keyword in the whole world then our website But I give my exam for more traffic.

Suppose you Search free group SMS in google. Some of the biggest websites I find there are love, I get my own website. If you look at the Faster Assistant now, your search results, then see how much competition is there, but even after so many links, the link that I have comes to the top How it comes now, we optimize how our sites, let us assume that you have created a website. Now Google will tell who you made the boxer on top of this big wrong thing.

Beyond this particular category, now Google is wearing God itself, it is a website, so Google has created a thing for all websites by mastering the Google web. So if you create a website, first of all, go to Google Map Master and tell Google that brother, create a new website. On top of this particular thing there is a lack using your algorithm, you use your coding and rank my side.

Now, how many crore websites will be in the world every second, and the websites that migrate a keyword are not ranked throughout that life and competition comes and people come and push that if we go to the bottom of it, then all these things control it occurs. From Google’s algorithm over Google, now this algorithm is exactly the secret which Jitendra can understand on that day if we understand that his bad site sites can rule a lot of keywords, so Google’s search Engine Optimization. If we talk about Google, if we have to search in Google, some things how to optimize our site. A lot of conditions are created on him.

For YouTube, I created two videos, you will get links on the I button, if you want to SEO on YouTube, write some video on YouTube by typing some account on a particular keyword and keep two videos made on it, then you can see that right now. We will talk about that, there are so many people above Google who speak in India that how we will protect you, we will take so much money. Let that other company keep a bad business on top of SEO that I suppose I also created a website.

If I have such mischief, the company in front of him will take 10-15 thousand rupees. I will make your SEO on this keyword, I will range your website on Google, then those jobs are giving him 10 20 thousand rupees, for that matter, free of cost, you can sit at home and learn how Casio works. Now there is one thing if I say one series today to you, talk about the One, do three after two, but Google and smart.

The day people start to know how Google’s coworker is working and automatically Google changes its algorithm so that whatever money plants it can get, its system runs all the things and automation. SEO also has a lot of parts, the date with white figures and black statues is that we do nothing, we gave our site to Google for ranking. Right now it becomes the responsibility of Google to read our website and black hat is like this.

Force Google to hold its coding, watch its Alvar anthem that brother, you are my world. Natwar Ranker is quick to choose and bribe his assassination and depending on other factors, such that he will welcome you on the top of Google website. Match his word. Title Description Tuck, all these things have been told by the common world, what to do or what not to do, even then Shadow does not rank in Google. Once your site is colored on a keyword, then all the people around the world who search it will find your websites.

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